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files/news/5/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1976&lang=en§§5000§Mobile UCI-Hardness tester§alphaDUR mini§for fast and easy hardness testing

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files/news/6/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=2000&lang=en§§5000§Fully automised UCI-Hardness scanner§UT 200§for high-resolution hardness distribution

files/news/7/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1726&lang=en§§5000§Universal hardness tester§alphaDUR II§for Rebound and UCI-Testing

files/news/18/bild.jpg§§§5000§Different probes for§UCI hardness testing§

files/news/16/bild.jpg§§§5000§Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell§Hardness Test Blocks§Made in Germany

files/news/9/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1979&lang=en§§5000§Durometer for hardness testing of plastic§SHOREdigital§Shore A and D

files/news/10/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1996&lang=en§§5000§Calotester of the series§kaloMAX§for determination of layer thickness and wear resistance

files/news/17/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=2030&lang=en§§5000§Scratch Tester§easySCRATCH§Cost-effective method for adhesion testing

Big Rockwell-Clamps
Mobile hardness testing after Rockwell
  • Precision complies with ISO 6508 and ASTM E18
  • Enables hardness testing on big and heavy components.


With the Rockwell-Clamps free hand measurings of long and heavy speciment are possible without cutting them into pieces.
The range of application for the material is wide spread. Soft metals, very hard alloys, aluminium alloys, copper, copper alloys, soft steel, stainless steel, hardened steel and carbides can be measured. With the different supporters, a lot of flat and cylindrical surfaces as well as inside and outsidse of pipes can be measured too.
The big Rockwell-Clamps are available in different versions with various measurements (see technical data).

Big Rockwell-Clamps
Large Rockwell Clamp
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Initial load10 kg
Test load60 kg, 100 kg or 150 kg
Resolution0,5 HRC
Precision≤1,5 HRC
ConversionHV, HB or tensile strength (table)
Opening sizeRZ-4-3: 100×75mm
RZ-8-4: 200×100mm
RZ-8-10: 200×250mm
RZ-20-12: 500×300mm
WeightRZ-4-3: 2.2 kg
RZ-8-4: 4 kg
RZ-8-10: 5,5 kg
RZ-20-12: 7,8 kg
  • Diamond indenter
  • Ball indenter
  • 3 hardness test blocks
  • Plane supporter
  • V type supporter
  • 4 Retaining frames (25/50/75/100mm) incl. Installation kit
  • Manual
  • Case
  • Indenter
  • Various support tables
  • Hardness test blocks