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files/news/5/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1976&lang=en§§5000§Mobile UCI-Hardness tester§alphaDUR mini§for fast and easy hardness testing

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files/news/6/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=2000&lang=en§§5000§Fully automised UCI-Hardness scanner§UT 200§for high-resolution hardness distribution

files/news/7/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1726&lang=en§§5000§Universal hardness tester§alphaDUR II§for Rebound and UCI-Testing

files/news/18/bild.jpg§§§5000§Different probes for§UCI hardness testing§

files/news/16/bild.jpg§§§5000§Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell§Hardness Test Blocks§Made in Germany

files/news/9/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1979&lang=en§§5000§Durometer for hardness testing of plastic§SHOREdigital§Shore A and D

files/news/10/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=1996&lang=en§§5000§Calotester of the series§kaloMAX§for determination of layer thickness and wear resistance

files/news/17/bild.jpg§template.cgi?page=artikel_detail&id=2030&lang=en§§5000§Scratch Tester§easySCRATCH§Cost-effective method for adhesion testing

Digital Rockwell Clamp RD-150A
Fully automized Rockwell hardness testing through motorized load application
  • High precision and reproducibility
  • Fast and easy through automized measuring
  • Wide range of application


The RD-150A Rockwell-Hardness tester is characterized by it's ease of operation, high measuring precision, long lifetime, high repeatability, high reliability and versatility. The hardness of different metal specimen can be measured fast and easy.
The RD-150A has a digital screen which allows you to read the measured value directly from the display HRA, HRB, HRC, HV and HB. An integrated IrDA-Interface allows the transfer to a mini printer or a PDA device.

Digital Rockwell Clamp RD-150A
Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester RD-150A RD-150A with stand Retaining Frames for RD-150A Tubeframes for RD-150A
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Hardness scalesHRA, HRB, HRC or 15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 30T, 45T
CompliesASTM E18, ISO 6508, ASTM E140
Load applicationMotorized Motorisch
Resolution0.1 HRC
Power supplyLi-Ion battery (6 hours runtime)
Memory1000 Measurements
InterfaceBluetooth (Printer) and USB (PC)
Measurementss200x110x46 mm
Weight2 kg
  • Diamond indenter
  • Ball indenter
  • 3 hardness test blocks
  • Plane supporter
  • V type supporter
  • Retaining frames (25 mm) incl. Installation kit
  • Manual
  • Case
  • Micro-Printer
  • Hardness test blocks
  • Stand
  • Supporting table for balls
  • Retainer for Pipes
  • Retaining frames (50/75/100 mm)